Myrna Y. Triano, is the Owner and Founder of TriangelRivers, LLC – Gateway to Multidimensional Transformation.

She is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Quantum Blueprint Facilitator, Craniosacral Practitioner, Master Teacher, and Practitioner of Integrated Energy Therapy®.

Myrna’s Mental Imagery healing methodology can evaluate the body, karmic, and spiritual.

Myrna is an author in The Ancestors Within, Volume 1:
Reveal & Heal the Ancient Memories you Carry Our Ancestors the Wayshowers: Creating Flow by Making Life-Changing Decisions with Ease

I’m a true believer that every challenge of life aligns us with temperance, soul searching, and gifts that were always there; that propels and catapults us to our truest divine potential.

Working in corporate America for over 30 years taught me work skills, but there was still something missing. I’ve always loved to teach, learn, and push myself. I’ve expanded my knowledge and research to facilitate growth and expansion to our community.

My passion has led me to bridge the gap between western medicine and the “alternative,” while providing a safe and nurturing way to ignite your DNA to process.

Myrna is an old soul with wisdom and forward thinking. Her intuition has been present since her early childhood. Myrna suffered many ailments and conditions during her life.

From being blind in one eye, shingles, malaria, and gastrointestinal complications, she has undergone a long road to recovery. Through her healing process, Myrna began the path to provide various modalities to process the healing and transformation talk with positive affirmations.

Myrna’s clients experience an energetic shift creating a glow and lightness in appearance. This is the visual of their true self being brought forth for expansion. She facilitates your process by allowing change, growth and healing.


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