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It’s Been Life Changing

“I started going to see Myrna after my mother passed away and I went through a bad breakup. Myrna did Craniosacral massage. After two visits I was an entirely different person. The stress, anxiety and depression I was carrying around on a daily basis started to remove itself. I go to Myrna now biweekly. It is what I need to remove the toxic and negative energy I was carrying around. My friends have commented that they see a difference in me and I seem more free. I highly recommend seeing Myrna. It has been life changing. ”

Shelby Reynolds

Excellent Experience

“I’ve had the pleasure of Myrna giving me Craniosacral Therapy. The overall experience was excellent, and her hands-on technique was very effective. The process was relaxing, and the tension in my neck and head were relieved. She was easy to communicate with, pleasant, and professional. I would absolutely go back to Myrna for another session.”

Tim Swisher

Her Skills Are Truly Exceptional

“I am a counselor, have worked in the medical industry, and know the importance of healing. I am proactive and I am also an energy person. It’s so important to add this aspect to any aspect of healing. So when I knew I had some health concerns and energy to move I reached out to Myrna. I have known her for sometime. She has wielded her skills to pure perfection.

To be honest, it was a first individual session for me with her and I knew she was the one who could help. I trusted her. The session was powerful and helped me to achieve my health goals. She was supportive and compassionate, holding space for my soul to expand and be reborn; reborn a few times actually. So I am humbled and honored to refer anyone to Myrna.

Moving energies and moving forward along the healing path is well worth the effort. Myrna’s skills are truly exceptional. She helped me with a mix of things to achieve multidimensional healing. Myrna works hard and was completely professional and met me where I was with a compassionate heart. She provided a safe environment for me to achieve health, wholeness and happiness. Thank you again and again for helping me to let go, expand, and be.”

Edwina Wallace

Powerful and Transformative

“Craniosacral manual therapy with Myrna is one of the most powerful and transformative things you can do for yourself and your well being. Having been to manual therapists and healers around the country, I can say without a doubt that Myrna is one of the most gifted and talented therapists out there!”

Charles Famille

A Really Relaxing Session

“My Craniosacral therapy session was one of the best moves I’ve ever made. Started getting bouts of tar dive dyskinesia and it relieved me of the symptoms and tension. You even out my unbalanced lines. Thanks again for really relaxing session.”

Mary Fittipaldi

All You Spread is Joy

“I’ve scheduled an hour energy reading with Myrna, from TriAngelRivers, LLC. Her energy is fire and intense! Myrna opened up a huge positive realm for me while residing in NJ. You are so loving, all you spread is joy. I remembered from the reading to make a move. I made the move to California and the first license plate I saw had your name “Myrna”. I knew you were watching me and continuing to guide me/supporting me on this journey.“


Incredible, Just What I Needed

“I highly recommend to schedule a session with TriAngelRivers, LLC, Myrna. Her rejuvenation of your mind body and spirit. Myrna did a mini session with massage and craniosacral (I harbor tension in my neck and shoulders) and she also applied energy therapy techniques. It was incredible, cathartic and just what I needed. Be open and heal. It’s an amazing experience.”


A Powerful Shaman

“Don’t let her humble nature disguise the powerful shaman within. Myrna is very perceptive and can detect many facets quickly. She is very detail oriented and conscientious.”

Shawn Kim

What A Gift

“I was blessed with a session Craniosacral Therapy with Myrna. I had been doing a lot of energy work, but I needed this work. What a gift I gave myself through Myrna. My body was more than with us! I even heard a ‘Thank You’.”


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