The Ancestors Within – Reveal and Heal the Ancient Memories You Carry, is filled with 25 stories and tools written by 25 gifted healing authors. Each tool is a way for you to connect to your ancestors and heal old wounds, traumas, patterns, and much more. It is a great gift for self care and an awakening to who you are. My story and tool is revealed in Chapter 25: Our Ancestors the Wayshowers.

This companion book was put together by our authors and created to be a keepsake for you to hand down to your children, and their children and so forth. A little gift to your descendants to read about how you reached out and connected with your ancestors to understand their gifts, talents, and unresolved traumas.

Each author created 4 pages of prompts, quotes, and a personal blessing for you, along with a space to fill in your best experience of connecting with your ancestors.

The Ancestors Within book will be signed and infused with Light Language writing, personalized for you or your loved one. If purchasing for a loved one, indicate spelling of name to infuse this energy and quantum shift)

Both The Ancestors Within book AND journal COMBO
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For those who already have The Ancestor Within – Reveal and Heal the Ancient Memories You Carry, you can now order the Journal on its own for $22 including shipping!